Jacqueline Light Counselling and Therapy near Brighton,
West Sussex

Counselling is talking things out for a healthy sense of well-being

About Counselling

Counselling allows you to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings you may encounter in a safe, confidential environment.
Simply, it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth.

I have listed a few notes on what happens next , to give you a better understanding.

I offer you a free telephone consultation.
I can offer you a 30 introductory session for £30. . This is so we can meet, in a relaxed, confidential place and you can get a feel of how counselling would be and if it is something you would like to explore . I will explain how counselling can offer you the space to explore your thoughts and feelings and the different ways in which I work as an Counsellor. You may wish to explore anxiety; common mental health issue; loss; alcohol; drug ; sexual abuse or low self esteem / confidence.

Step 2
You may decide straight away you would like to proceed with counselling or you may wish to go home and think further about your decision. Either of these is fine and I would urge you to take this time if you need to. You may call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Step 3
Contact me by e-mail or phone to arrange starting your counselling. Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly but initially I would suggest weekly appointments to start.
I offer sessions on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and some evenings on request.
Session fee £50 for 50 minutes.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Counselling can be useful for anyone who wants to explore the way they're thinking or feeling further, as well as for anyone experiencing a problem or issue they are keen to resolve.

Counselling can be beneficial for common mental health problems - depression and anxiety; addiction; bereavement; bullying; illness; relationships; trauma; stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

I specialise in working with Substance Misuse - Drug and Alcohol harm minimisation, reduction and achieving/maintenance of abstinence using Person-Centred Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) . I have successfully worked with individuals supporting them to achieve their long-term goals. I have a unique empathic yet direct approach that will allow you to achieve the confidence and self-belief to lead a healthy substance free lifestyle.

What Benefits can be Expected?

This can be different for each client depending on where you are on your own journey.
Clients have reported feeling a sense of success and increased self-confidence and belief; ability to understand yourself better and the way you think; help you to better understand other people's point of view; stronger sense of self-worth, having an emotional and physical strategy toolkit to hand to navigate your way through life; feeling safe ; feeling a sense of closure; personalised steps towards acceptance of their loss; ; understanding and practicing mindfulness & CBT exercises to self-manage anxiety, depression, addiction; low self-esteem and confidence; separation & divorce and common mental health issues.

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